A sneak peek behind the curtain.

I like to keep things light, fun, and in perspective with a lot of empathy. I work hard (and smart) with a high EQ and an equal balance of left/right brain design thinking.

In my early years, you could find me either drawing or playing chess. In fact, not much has changed. Today, I draw, sketch, whiteboard, paint, and design as much as I strategize, research, and analyze data. It’s what I was born to do, and I am fortunate to say that I love what I do.

“Around the office”

Associates have referred to me as Ski, E, Hombre, Product Experience Design Director, VP User Experience Director, VP Creative Director, Art Director, UX/UI Designer, Project Manager, Account Manager, Product Owner, friend, and of course, Erik.

Along the way I have helped to: make connections between out-of-the-box creatives, by-the-numbers technologists, business-minded stakeholders, and the-always-right customers – bridge gaps, further careers, advocate, evangelize and educate everyone on the importance of the customer experience in product design. I like to think I added a few smiles to people’s lives along the way as well.


I’ve worked on many small ideation projects to high-profile, multi-million dollar projects as an individual, a team builder, and as a leader.

Here is a short-list of project deliverables: product offerings, pitch decks, strategy decks, roadmaps, organizational staff augmentations, operational workflow reports, best practices, design thinking workshops, feature reports, wireframes, pattern libraries, style guides, design systems, prototypes, proof-of-concept’s, testing assets and reporting, MVP’s, applications, websites, and integrated advertising and branding campaigns.

“Impact & Results”

The impact and results of these efforts have produced: multi-million dollar contracts, contract extensions, millions of dollars in production and maintenance cost-savings, increased sales, traffic, engagement, acquisitions, stakeholder buy-in, team camaraderie and a valued appreciation for user experience and creative product design.

“Outside the office”

Sumie is one of my passion projects and side hustles. You can see more @hombretheartist.

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